Resolving Child Custody Questions

It is difficult to envision a more desperate situation than standing in court while your rights with respect to your children are at stake. When you are in this situation, you want legal advice that you can absolutely rely on from a lawyer who has been there before. Our law firm has experience in all of these child-related areas of law: custody, support and visitation.

The Law Office of Craig P. Hart in Covington, Louisiana, understands the gravity of child custody issues. When you retain a Covington custody attorney from our firm, you will work with an attorney who has handled these questions many, many times before. The advice you receive will be proven and borne of direct experience. Whether you are dealing with legal custody, physical custody or both, the law firm knows how to fight to protect your rights and those of your children.

Helping You Work Out Child Support Issues

The Law Office of Craig P. Hart can advise you effectively with respect to child support issues as well. You will work with our firm's attorneys and knowledgeable staff to discover, document and establish the facts of your case regarding income and expenses. With this evidence in hand, we will petition the court to ensure that your obligations and rights under the Louisiana child support guidelines are respected and properly observed.

Do Others Besides Parents Have Visitation Rights

Our firm also knows how to advise you with respect to any visitation rights involved in your case. We can advise you whether you were married or unmarried or if you are asserting your rights as grandparents to see your grandchildren. As this complex area of the law develops, more and more new legal rules become available to help people struggling with visitation issues. The attorneys at the Law Office of Craig P. Hart can help you understand the latest legal innovations in these areas and how they can benefit you.

Take Action To Get The Help You Need

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